Our Story

Our Story

Hello! I am Alexandria Gray. I am one of millions of young mothers in the world. At 22 years old I am the mother to an amazingly sweet, smart and inspiring 5 year old. Being a single mother has it’s struggles, but with each struggle we have come out stronger.

Currently we live near STL MO and have the privilege of living the best of both worlds. With my mother who has a farm filled with the most amazing exotic animals to a father that lives in high hills with a beautiful view. Then there is our home in the suburbs with a Target within walking distance!

Some days we spend playing in our yard or drawing chalk while others are spent chasing pigs and snuggling monkeys! (Don’t worry I will absolutely share some cute animal photos.)

As much as I wish we could spend each day adventuring we do have some responsibilities… Currently I am a professional wedding and family photographer. So incredibly lucky to have the job of my dreams. However, it is far from where I would like it to be and I have a ways to go! To those of you who have an interest in photography I am always available to give tips!

Grace is in her first year of elementary school and is loving every minute of kindergarten so far! If you are as anxious about your little one going to school as I was don’t worry… They care a whole lot less about leaving our side! Still getting use to having the house to myself during the weekdays. It is SOO nice to work in peace. However, I am always waiting for her to poke her little head out of her room asking for snacks even though she isn’t there! I guess I still need to get use to this transition..

I’ve created this blog to share our stories, our messy life, and maybe you can laugh along at our craziness. (Or maybe you can just feel better about yourself!)

Whatever your reason may be for being hear I hope to make it worth while.

~Alex (The Messy Mama)

ALexandria Gray

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