You Are Not Alone!

Motherhood is messy. There’s no argument there! Raising children while still growing up yourself? Recipe for disaster! My greatest advice to you is that you are not alone!

There are many struggling mothers out there and reaching out to one another is so helpful. Knowing that you’re not the only one with struggles will lift some heavyweights off of those sore shoulders of yours.

I have met of amazing mothers that have done everything right, only to feel like they are a horrible mother. Which is far from the truth! This is why we need each other!

I’ve created a private group on Facebook for mamas to chat about anything and everything. This is a safe space with no negativity and is perfect for us all to get to know each other! We’re all messy mamas!

Don’t Lose Yourself.

There are days that all you want is to clean your house, read a book or watch your favorite Netflix show in peace, but you feel that you’re moments away from losing your mind!

Take a deep breath mama! Reach out to a loved one or friend who will gladly play with your little one to give you a breather from your 24/7 job that is motherhood!

If you are like the many mothers that don’t have anyone to help, reach out to the mother groups! They are always willing to make a playdate to get a chance to chat with an adult. (because we all know how crazy you go being home with a baby alone all the time).

We all know what a blessing tablets can be in this day and age of parenting… Do not feel guilty for handing your child the tablet/phone for a little while to get a moment for yourself. Relax. A few shows and some educational games will not kill your child I promise!

Taking Care of Yourself is Just as Important.

Being a good mother starts with taking care of yourself. You can’t care for someone else if you never care for yourself!

Not all mama’s can get the peaceful moments to them self that they so desperately need. When you can’t get a moment to yourself find a way to bring peace to you and your little one(s.)

Try these 6 simple activities to calm your stress and anxiety that you will both enjoy!

~Some of my favorites are:

~Go for a walk in a quiet park

~Get a ball and play in the park rolling the ball around while getting fresh air and sunshine

~Put a large piece of paper on the floor and color like crazy with easy clean up

~Take a bubble bath with your baby

~Yoga with little one (baby will love mimicking and moving around with you)!

You’re NOT a Bad Mom For Needing a Break!

Wanting a break from your child is completely normal and does not make you a bad mother! Motherhood can be overwhelming at the best of times… One minute they’re angels and the next your wild crotch goblins are causing chaos.

We aren’t aloud to throw temper tantrums and throw ourselves on the floor. If you feel like you’re going to snap, put your child in a safe area and take a moment. Return after a couple deep breaths so you can calmly and rationally solve the problem.

If you feel depressed after having your baby and can’t get back to yourself please call your doctor and see what they can do to help you feel back to yourself! Please do not suffer in silence! You do not have to deal with these feelings on your own and there are resources to help you.

If your child is happy, has clean clothes, never goes hungry, and has comfy bed to sleep in I think you’re doing just fine mama. So relax those shoulders, take a deep breath and relax. That laundry can sit there a little while longer. .

Love Always,

Alex (The Messy Mama)

Messy Mama

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