What to do when you’re having a bad day.

For whatever reason you may be having a bad day whether it be from your mental illness, bad news, or you’re just overall in a weird funk… I would like to share some things I do to get myself out of that crummy mood!

First Things First

Do you know why you’re in a bad mood? The root to solving every problem is figuring out what the actual problem is.

Did you not get enough sleep? Gloomy day? Not getting enough time to yourself?

All of the above?

Journal it

Writing things down can make you feel better similar to speaking with a therapist!

You can write down your thoughts and feelings or start a whole bullet journal!

Writing Neccesities

Get off your butt!

Ok I know how hard this can be sometimes… You would much rather watch TV or maybe just do absolutely nothing at all! Girl absolutely no judgement! Sometimes all we need is a little is a little extra dopamine to make us feel better!

So grab your cup of coffee and get moving!

My favorite ways to get moving:

  • Go for a hike (if weather permits!) The fresh air, sunshine and exercise makes a perfect combination to get you feeling better.
  • Yoga! You don’t even have to leave your house to take a yoga class! Turn YouTube on with a beginner video and bam! Plus you little one may actually enjoy it with you!
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Go by yourself, with your little or with your dog!
  • Dance it out! Music is amazing for curing grumpiness. Turn your favorite tunes on as loud as you can stand and shake your butt girl. Seriously though.
Yoga Pose


This may be the last thing you want to do and of course not all of these tips will work for everyone. Maybe your house is clean as can be or maybe your house is like mine where it’s only clean for a day before it’s destroyed again!

Nothing stresses me out more than having my house a massive mess! That doesn’t mean I clean it everyday when it gets messed up but nothing feels better than having a freshly cleaned house!

Doing a couple small things each day can help relieve your stress therefore making it a much happier home.

Take a Shower!

Some days all you need is a shower to get a fresh start and turn your day around.

Not much feels better than getting out of the shower and putting fresh clean clothes on!

You may have to do laundry first though…

Eh who care’s if you already wore that shirt 3 times this week...

Think of something kind you can do Today.

Doing something positive will influence a positive attitude! Something as small as giving a stranger a compliment, sending a sweet text or opening the door for someone else.

Make a List.

Life can get overwhelming and writing things down allows you to actually see what needs to be done instead of it circling around in your head. Maybe you don’t have as much to do as you thought or maybe you have lots to do but can finally plan it out!

Treat Yo’ Self!

This does not mean you have to buy yourself things every time you’re feeling sad. I need to tell this to myself.. Treating yourself could be as simple as taking a bath, finally relaxing to read your favorite book or watch your TV show or whatever YOU enjoy! Yes, sometimes you need a new pair of shoes or a cute shirt you saw at Target.. Get it girl.

Spa Day with little one


There are times that we get so caught up in everyone else’s needs and want’s and we end up neglecting ourselves. Especially when you’re a mama.

Remember to take some time for yourself doing things you truly enjoy. It’s OK.. The world won’t implode by you taking a few moments for yourself!

It is completely ok to have bad days. There is always tomorrow!


Alex (The Messy Mama)

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